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February 26th, 2018

Batillus was a supertanker, built in 1976 by Chantiers de l’Atlantique at Saint-Nazaire for the French branch of Shell Oil. The first vessel of homonymous Batillus class supertankers. Batillus, together with her sister ships Bellamya, Pierre Guillaumat and Prairial, was one of the biggest ships in the world, surpassed in size only by Seawise Giant (later Jahre Viking, Happy Giant and Knock Nevis) built in 1976, and extended in 1981, although the four ships of the Batillus class had a larger gross tonnage.

The contract to build the Batillus class supertankers was signed on April 6, 1971, and the first sheet metal was cut in January 1975. Meanwhile, the oil shock caused by the Yom Kippur War in October 1973, resulted in higher oil prices and reduction of imports from industrialized countries. The cancellation of the order had been seriously considered, but Shell concluded that it was better to continue, mostly to not put the shipyard in very difficult position with withdrawal of such a huge, already initiated project thermos bottles for coffee, (the work commitments were already well advanced, with extremely heavy cancellation charges) hoping also on better times in future.

The ship was completed and put in service in 1976, simultaneously with new, purposely built, oil terminal Antifer, near Le Havre, one of very few ports in the world capable of accommodating Batillus class tankers. Her first captain was Roger Priser. She made a total of 25 voyages between the Persian Gulf and northern Europe electric lint brush, and one-off sail between the Persian Gulf and Curaçao in June-July 1977, a total of 20 dockings to Antifer. In the Gulf, oil terminals that served were Mina al Fahal (Oman), Halul island (Qatar), Kharg Island (Iran), Ras Tanura, Ras al-Ju’aymah (Saudi Arabia), Mina Al-Ahmadi and Sea Island (Kuwait). In Europe, the only other port of call was Europoort, Rotterdam, but there were also transloadings at sea to smaller units in England and Irish Sea.

The international oil market, however metal sports water bottles, did not improve, and while from 1977 to 1980, the Batillus performed four to five regular trips per year, she had a bit more than two trips in 1981 and three in 1982. From early November 1982, she was in permanent waiting for cargo at the Gulf entrance, until June 1983 when last oil shipment was embarked. From August 22, 1983 to November 8, 1985 Batillus was moored at Vestnes, Norway. On October 17, 1985, Royal Dutch Shell decided to sell the ship for scrap, for less than $8 million. Her last voyage was from Vestnes to Kaohsiung (Taiwan) where she arrived on December 28, 1985 to be scrapped.

Length overall was 414.22 m, beam 63 glass water bottle manufacturers.01 m, draft 28.50 m, deadweight tonnage 553,662 t, and gross tonnage 273,550 GT. Propulsion was provided by two propellers each driven by two Stal-Laval steam turbines developing a single capacity of 32,500 hp (24,200 kW) per turbine. The service speed was 16.7 knots, with fuel consumption of about 330 tonnes of heavy oil per day and fuel enough for 42 days.

The cargo was carried in 40 tanks with a total volume of 677,300 m3. They were divided into central and lateral tanks, whose dimensions were designed to considerably reduce the risk of pollution caused by collision or grounding. Ahead of the international standards of the time, the wing tanks had a maximum unit volume not exceeding 17,000 m3, which was reduced to 9,000 m3 in the most vulnerable parts of ship.

Der schwarze Jack (1918)

January 16th, 2017

Der schwarze Jack ist ein deutscher Western-Stummfilm aus dem Jahr 1918. Als maskierter Held kämpft er gegen das Böse.

Der Film gehört zu einer Reihe in München produzierter Western (sogenannte „Isarwestern“), zu denen auch Der rote Reiter (1918), Die Rache im Goldtal (1919) und Der Todescowboy (1919) gehört.

Er hatte eine Länge von vier Akten auf 1930 bzw. 1758 Metern.

Die Polizei Berlin belegte ihm mit einem Jugendverbot (Nr. 43563) football socks pink. Die Uraufführung fand im Dezember 1918 in München statt.

Gerhard Lamprecht: Deutsche Stummfilme 1921 – 1922. Deutsche Kinemathek e.V., Berlin 1968 sports jerseys for cheap, S. 131.Tags: , ,
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Università di Economia di Katowice

November 16th, 2016

L’Università di Economia di Katowice è un’istituzione d’istruzione superiore di Katowice, in Polonia.

L’Università di Economia, allora Collegio di Scienze Sociali ed Economiche, venne aperto agli studenti l’11 gennaio 1937 quando si tennero le prime lezioni nella facoltà di Organizzazione Industriale. Il primo rettore è stato il Dr. Józef Lisak. Non molto tempo dopo la sua fondazione scoppiò la Seconda Guerra Mondiale e la scuola dovette chiudere tra il settembre del 1939 e il febbraio del 1945.

Dopo la guerra, il numero degli studenti crebbe velocemente e l’autorità dell’università decise di spostare le sezioni accademiche e amministrative dai palazzi dello Śląskie Techniczne Zakłady Naukowe (Scuola di Tecnologia della Slesia) al centro della città nel Katowice-Zawodzie (ufficio del rettore) e nel palazzo A in ulica Bogucicka. L’anno accademico 1946/1947 venne inaugurato nella nuova sede.

Nel 1950 il governo polacco decise di standardizzare l’educazione di tipo economico in tutto il Paese. Per questo motivo, il nome dell’università venne modificato in Collegio di Stato dell’Amministrazione Economica. Nel 1972, in occasione del suo 35mo anniversario, all’università venne dato il nome di Karol Adamiecki e due anni dopo l’università acquisì la denominazione attuale.

Gli ultimi cambiamenti effettuati comprendono la modernizzazione dei vecchi edifici, così come l’apertura di nuove strutture per la didattica. L’organizzazione interna ha visto, inoltre glass bottle suppliers, l’ampliamento del numero delle facoltà e delle specializzazioni, come la Facoltà di Finanza e Assicurazioni nel 2002 e quella di Informatica e Comunicazione nel 2009 thermos bottles for coffee.

In seguito alla decisione del parlamento, dal 1º ottobre del 2010 l’istituto ha cambiato il suo nome in polacco beef tenderizer recipe, passando da “Akademia Ekonomiczna im. Karola Adamieckiego w Katowicach” a “Uniwersytet Ekonomiczny w Katowicach”.

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