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What’s Inside: Songs from Waitress

February 10th, 2018

What’s Inside: Songs from Waitress is the fifth studio album and fourth major-label album by American singer-songwriter Sara Bareilles, released on November 6, 2015, through Epic Records. The lead single from the album, “She Used to Be Mine”, was released digitally on September 25, 2015. It features songs from the musical Waitress, which featured music and lyrics by Bareilles.

In June 2013, it was reported that Bareilles was to score Waitress, a musical adaptation of the 2007 film of the same name. The musical opened on August 20 adolph’s meat tenderizer, 2015 at the American Repertory Theater in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The production was directed by Diane Paulus and starred Jessie Mueller in the leading role running hip bag. Bareilles debuted one song from the musical called “She Used to be Mine” during some shows on her Little Black Dress Tour. The show closed on September 27, 2015, and after the successful run at A.R.T., it moved to the Brooks Atkinson Theatre on Broadway in April 2016. Previews began in March 2016 with Mueller retaining the lead. Bareilles is taking over the lead from Mueller for a 10-week limited run stainless steel reusable water bottle, beginning on March 31, 2017.

While writing the musical, Bareilles “fell more deeply in love with the writing of the musical Waitress than I had ever imagined.” Her decision to record an album of the songs came because it “proved impossible for me to imagine handing over the songs to the show before selfishly finding a way to sing them myself.” She confirmed during a Google Hangout Q & A session in June 2015 that the musical’s songs would be reworked “to sound like Sara Bareilles songs.”

Bareilles began work on the album in April 2015 at New York City’s Electric Lady Studios with producer Neal Avron, who previously worked with Bareilles on Kaleidoscope Heart.

On June 27, 2015, Bareilles and Nadia DiGiallonardo performed “She Used To Be Mine” with Rich Dworsky and The Berkshire Boys on A Prairie Home Companion. The album’s title was revealed in September 2015.

Stephen Thomas Erlewine of AllMusic rated the album four out of five stars and writes that the songs are “lively, clever, and bold, and further evidence of Bareilles’ versatility, elegance, and wit.” Additionally, The Boston Globe’s Sarah Rodman calls it “a great pop album.”


All tracks written by Sara Bareilles.

Credits adapted from AllMusic.



What’s Inside: Songs from Waitress debuted at number ten on the US Billboard 200 chart with 30,000 equivalent album units (27,000 from pure album sales) in its first week of release, giving Barellies her fifth Top ten album.

Working on a Dream

July 25th, 2017

1 Germania
1 Svizzera
1 Spagna
1 Austria
1 Finlandia
1 Belgio

1 Italia
2 Irlanda
1 Danimarca
1 Canada
1 Svezia

Working on a Dream è il sedicesimo album in studio di Bruce Springsteen, pubblicato nel mese di gennaio del 2009 per l’etichetta Columbia Records.

C’è una sterzata decisa verso il pop melodico. Il brano iniziale Outlaw Pete contiene nel tema musicale una citazione dell’armonica del tema della colonna sonora di C’era una volta il west (scritto da Ennio Morricone e suonato in originale da Franco De Gemini)

Queen of the supermarket descrive un amore nato con una cassiera di un supermercato, mentre The last Carnival è una canzone dedicata al tastierista Danny Federici, scomparso il 18 aprile 2008 durante il Magic Tour best waterproof dry bag.

Il brano conclusivo running hip bag, The Wrestler 1 liter water bottle, fa parte della colonna sonora del film The Wrestler, diretto da Darren Aronofsky e interpretato da Mickey Rourke cheap football tops online; è stato premiato con il Golden Globe per la migliore canzone originale nell’edizione 2009 della rassegna.

«The Wrestler è uno straordinario pezzo acustico» ha detto il regista, «Cattura realmente lo spirito del film e quello del personaggio».

Comprende anche un DVD contenente The Sessions DVD, un documentario di 38 minuti che mostra i retroscena della registrazione dell’album ed il brano A Night With the Jersey Devil.

Junior Kabananga

March 22nd, 2017

Vous pouvez partager vos connaissances en l’améliorant (comment ?) selon les recommandations des projets correspondants.

Junior Kabananga est un footballeur international congolais né le à Kinshasa en République démocratique du Congo qui évolue au poste d’attaquant au FC Astana.

Il a été appelé le 25 septembre 2014 par Florent Ibenge pour un match capital en éliminatoire de la CAN 2015 avec la République démocratique du Congo.

Le 15 octobre 2014, il marque à Abidjan running hip bag, un but du contrôle de la poitrine-retourné lors du match retour contre la Côte d’Ivoire.

Invité de dernière minute pour la CAN 2017 au profit de Hervé Kage, il est la révélation de l’équipe durant la compétition. En effet, il marque coup sur coup en phase de poule contre le Maroc (1-0) vintage replica football shirts, face à la Côte d’Ivoire (2-2), et lors de la victoire contre le Togo (3-1). Alors que son équipe est éliminé en quart de finale contre le Ghana (2-1), ses trois précédents buts inscrits lui permet de terminer premier de la CAN underwater smartphone case, au classement des buteurs.

Saint-Stanislas, Mauricie, Quebec

March 3rd, 2017

Saint-Stanislas is a municipality in Les Chenaux Regional County Municipality in the Mauricie region of the province of Quebec in Canada. It is located along the Batiscan River. The parish is named in honor of St. Stanislaus Kostka to recall the presence of the Jesuits, who were the owners of the lordship of Batiscan.

Population trend:

Others statistics based on 2011 Canadian Census:

Private dwellings occupied by usual residents: 504 (total dwellings: 509)

Mother language of Saint-Stanislas’s citizens:

In 2011 Census, 175 particulars declared themselves as bilingual (English & French), 845 speaking French only and 5 speaking English only. The median age of the population was 52.4 years in 2011. In addition, 89.2% of the population was aged 15 and over.

The municipality of Saint-Stanislas adopted the motto: “In duty with honor.”

Births and Baptisms

1. Lacoursière, Paul. “Répertoire des naissances : paroisse Saint-Stanislas, comté de Champlain, 1787-1986” (Directory of births: parish of Saint-Stanislas, Champlain County, 1787-1986). S. l. P. Lacoursière, [1986], 340 p., collection “Saint-Stanislas”, no. 17. (French)


2. Lacoursière, Paul. “Répertoire des mariages: paroisse Saint-Stanislas (comté de Champlain) 1787-1987” (Weddings Directory: Saint-Stanislas parish (county of Champlain) 1787-1987). Saint-Stanislas, The Historical Society of Saint-Stanislas, 146 p. (Coll. “Saint-Stanislas’ – no. 11). (French)

Deaths and burials

4. Lacoursière, Paul. “Répertoire des décès: paroisse Saint-Stanislas, comté de Champlain, 1787-1986” (Directory death: Saint-Stanislas Parish, Champlain County, 1787-1986). S.L., s.n., s.d. 133 p. (Coll. “Saint-Stanislas” – no. 18). (French)

5. Lacoursière, Paul. “Répertoire des sépultures: St-Stanislas” (Directory Graves: Saint-Stanislas). Saint-Stanislas Historical Committee, (Coll. “Saint-Stanislas” – our 5-6): Volume 1: 1787-1870 (French)

6. “Complément des répertoires de naissances, mariages, décès, Saint-Stanislas, comté de Champlain: 1986-1996-97” (Additional directories of births, marriages, deaths, Saint-Stanislas, Champlain County: 1986-1996-97), contening 210 years of parish statistics and historical notes, Janine Trépanier-Massicotte, Historical Committee of Saint-Stanislas, 1997, 78 pages, Saint-Stanislas collection – Vol. 22. (French)

1. “Saint-Stanislas – Comté de Champlain” (Champlain County), Historical Register – Vol. 1 (1760-1937 chronology and Authorities 1757-1977), Janine Trépanier-Massicotte, 67 pages, 1977, Éditions du Bien Public, Collection Saint-Stanislas. Note: This volume includes an appendix “Chronologie – Faits nouveaux et corrections” (Timeline – Developments and corrections), featuring 8 pages. (French)

2. “La destinée des Koska” (The fate of the Koska), Historical Register – Vol. 2 – Biographies authorities, Paul Lacoursière, 96 pages, 1978, Éditions du Bien Public, Collection Saint-Stanislas, no. 2. (French)

3. “Chez nous en Nouvelle-France – 1608-1787” (At Home in New France – 1608-1787)”, Vol. 3 – Foundation of Saint-Stanislas, Janine Trépanier-Massicotte, 1977, 153 pages, Editions du Bien Public, Collection “Saint-Stanislas”, no. 3. (French)

4. “Les sports à Saint-Stanislas, Cent ans de sport rural” (Sports in Saint-Stanislas, One Hundred Years of rural sports), Janine Trépanier-Massicotte, 1981, 90 photos, Éditions du Bien Public, Collection “Saint-Stanislas”, no. 4. (French)

5. “Anciennes fromageries et beurreries de Saint-Stanislas” (Old cheese and butter of Saint-Stanislas), Gilles Thiffault, 1981, 83 pages, Editions du Bien Public, Saint-Stanislas Collection no. 7, Historical Committee of Saint-Stanislas. (French)

6. “Trucs ingénieux de nos aïeules” (Ingenious tips our grandmothers), Vol. 8 – AFÉAS of Saint-Stanislas, 1981, 50 pages, Editions du Bien Public. Contributing writers: Ghislaine Asselin, Gisèle Beauvillier, Lise Bordeleau, Monique Bouchard, Ghislaine Brouillette, Rose-Alice Brouillette, Ghislaine Denoncourt, Jacqueline Fugère, Marie Mance Guillemette, Hélène Veillette. Drawings: Louise Denoncourt. (French)

7. “Saint-Stanislas, au temps des pionniers – 1787-1808” (Saint-Stanislas, at the time of Pioneers – 1787-1808), After the founding, Vol. 9, Janine Trépanier-Massicotte, 1981, 84 pages, Editions du Bien Public, Collection “Saint-Stanislas”, no. 9. (French)

8. “Saint-Stanislas à l’époque de l’érection canonique, 1808-1833” (Saint-Stanislas at the time of the canonical, 1808-1833), Janine Trépanier-Massicotte, Éditions du Bien Public, 1983, 100 pages, Collection Saint-Stanislas. (French)

9. “Visages inconnus de Saint-Stanislas: nos prêtres et religieux, enfants de la paroisse” (Faces of Saint-Stanislas unknown: our priests and religious, children of the parish), Paul Lacoursière, Historical Committee of Saint-Stanislas, Éditions Souvenance, 1984, 47 pages, Saint-Stanislas collection, vol. 13. (French)

Neutor (Steyr)

January 12th, 2017

Das Neutor ist eines von drei erhaltenen Steyrer Stadttoren und befindet sich am Eingang zum Grünmarkt, Richtung Stadtplatz football uniform packages. Erbaut wurde das Renaissancegebäude nach 1572 von Jakob Marconi.

Ursprünglicher Zweck des neuen Bauwerkes war Schutz vor Hochwässern, die in Steyr oft sehr dramatisch ausfallen, wie auch 1572. Zwei Jahrhunderte war darin die deutsche Schule untergebracht und im 19. Jahrhundert die Gendarmerie-Kaserne running hip bag. Seit 1969 beherbergt es Teile der Sammlung des Steyrer Stadtmuseums (der Großteil befindet sich im benachbarten Innerberger Stadel). Die Südseite erhielt 1973 aus verkehrstechnischen Gründen einen zweiten Bogen. Als Ersatz für die alte eiserne Neutorbrücke über die Enns wurde im selben Jahr im Zuge der Hundsgrabenumfahrung die Schönauerbrücke fertiggestellt. Die Neutorbrücke blieb zunächst als Fußgängerübergang erhalten und wurde im Juni 1974 gesprengt, die Arbeiten waren im Oktober desselben Jahres abgeschlossen. Die flussseitigen Fresken des Tores wurden restauriert und statt der Brücke ein Aussichtsbalkon errichtet.

Die ab 1829 demolierte Stadtmauer (→ Steyr – Schleifung der mittelalterlichen Befestigungsanlagen) ist in diesem Abschnitt teilweise erhalten. Ein Stück verbindet die westliche Seite des Tores mit einem Wehrturm unterhalb des Stadtpfarrhofes.

Aussehen im Jahr 1880

Stadtmauer an der Westseite

Flussseitige Fresken

Waffensaal des Museums der Stadt Steyr im Neutor

Andere erhaltene Stadttore sind das Schnallentor im Stadtteil Steyrdorf und das Kollertor in Ennsdorf.


Hesketh (motorfiets)

November 26th, 2016

Hesketh is een historisch merk van motorfietsen running hip bag.

Hesketh Automotive Products Ltd, later Hesleydon, Easton Neston, Towcester, Northamptonshire 1980-1982.

Engels merk van Lord Alexander Hesketh, die eerder succes boekte in de formule 1 autosport.

In 1980 presenteerde hij een 1000 cc V-twin met een Weslake-blok, die volgens hem de “Rolls Royce” onder de motorfietsen was, hoewel hij hem ook wel de “Aston Martin op twee wielen” noemde.

Er volgde echter flinke kritiek op de machine waarna het twee jaar duurde voor deze op de markt kwam. Het was echter een veel te duur product. Hoewel er nog een uitvoering met kuip verscheen, de Vampire, verdween het merk Hesketh al in het jaar van de uiteindelijke presentatie, 1982. In hetzelfde jaar werd de productie onder de bedrijfsnaam Hesleydon weer opgestart, maar in 1985 sloot ook dit bedrijf. Er waren 250 machines gebouwd water bottle waist pack running.

In 1991 presenteerde Mick Broom, die beide keren bij het Hesketh-project betrokken was geweest een nieuwe machine, de Vortan, die hij in zijn eigen bedrijf Broom Development Engineering wilde produceren wool socks. Dit bedrijf was gevestigd op Heskeths landgoed Easton Neston. In 2004 bracht Broom weer onder de naam Hesketh een 1200 cc v-twin. Tegenwoordig worden alle modellen van het merk Hesketh weer geleverd door Broom Development Engineering running belt with water bottle. Broom produceert inmiddels ook een 1200 cc versie.

Raphe nuclei

October 6th, 2016

The raphe nuclei (Greek: ῥαφή “seam”) are a moderate-size cluster of nuclei found in the brain stem. Their main function is to release serotonin to the rest of the brain. Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SSRI) antidepressants are believed to act in these nuclei, as well as at their targets.

The raphe nuclei are traditionally considered to be the medial portion of the reticular formation, and appear as a ridge of cells in the center and most medial portion of the brain stem.

In order from caudal to rostral, the raphe nuclei are known as the nucleus raphe obscurus, the nucleus raphe pallidus, the nucleus raphe magnus, the nucleus raphe pontis, the median raphe nucleus, dorsal raphe nucleus, caudal linear nucleus. In the first systematic examination of the raphe nuclei, Taber et al.. (1960) originally proposed the existence of two linear nuclei (nucleus linearis intermedius and nucleus linearis rostralis). This study was published before techniques enabling the visualization of serotonin or the enzymes participating in its synthesis had been developed, as first demonstrated by Dahlström and Fuxe in 1964. Later, it was revealed that of these two nuclei, only the former (nucleus linearis intermedius, now known as the caudal linear nucleus), proved to contain serotonin-producing neurons.

In some works (e.g.), researchers have grouped the nuclei lineares into one nucleus, the nucleus linearis, shrinking the number of raphe to seven, e.g., NeuroNames makes the following ordering:

The Latin names commonly used for most of these nuclei are grammatically and orthographically incorrect. Latin grammar would require to use the genitive case raphes (‘of the seam’) instead of the nominative case raphe (‘seam’) in these Latin expressions. The main authority in anatomical names, Terminologia Anatomica uses for example nucleus raphes magnus instead of the grammatically incorrect nucleus raphe magnus. The spelling raphe/raphes however can also be contested as numerous sources indicate that raphe is an incorrect Latin rendering of the Ancient Greek word ῥαφή as the initial letter rho with rough breathing (spiritus asper) is normally rendered as rh in Latin. The edition of the Nomina Anatomica that was ratified in Jena in 1935 used rhaphe instead of raphe.

These nuclei interact with almost every pertinent portion of the brain, but only a few of them have specifically independent interaction. These select nuclei are discussed as follows.

Overall, the caudal raphe nuclei, including the nucleus raphe magnus, nucleus raphe pallidus and nucleus raphe obscurus, all project towards the spinal cord and brain stem. The more-rostral nuclei, including the nucleus raphe pontis, nucleus centralis superior (also called median raphe nucleus) and nucleus raphe dorsalis project towards the brain areas of higher function

However, studies also show that numerous areas of the brain control the serotonergic neurons located in the nucleus raphe dorsalis running hip bag, including the orbital cortex, cingulate cortex, medial preoptic area water bottle backpack running, lateral preoptic area, and several areas of the hypothalamus. The connection between these areas, particularly between the nucleus raphe dorsalis and the orbital cortices popular football jerseys, is thought to have influences on depression and obsessive compulsive disorder prognosis.

The raphe nuclei have a vast impact upon the central nervous system. Many of the neurons in the nuclei (but not the majority) are serotonergic; i.e., contain serotonin, a type of monoamine neurotransmitter and are modulated through fibrous pathways in the midbrain.

Projections from the raphe nuclei also terminate in the dorsal horn of spinal gray matter where they regulate the release of enkephalins, which inhibit pain sensation.

The raphe nuclei provide feedback to the suprachiasmatic nuclei (SCN), thus contributing in circadian rhythms in animals

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. The SCN transmits to the raphe nuclei via the dorsomedial hypothalamus nucleus altering serotonin levels for sleep/wake states. The raphe nuclei will then transmit feedback to the SCN about the animal’s vigilance and levels of alertness. This reciprocal feedback between the two structures provides an adaptable yet stable basis of circadian rhythms.

More recent studies of the Raphe Nuclei done with rats involve the effects of Ghrelin on the dorsal raphe nucleus. When administered, larger doses of Ghrelin act centrally on the raphe nucleus, hippocampus, and amygdala which causes dramatic increases in food intake, memory retention, and increases in anxiety. The effects of ghrelin are seen on the raphe nucleus as soon as an hour after injection, suggesting rapid changes in the nucleus’ structure. Changes also occur after 24 hours suggesting delayed modifications as well.

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