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Christopher de Paus

April 29th, 2018

Christopher Tostrup Paus, Count of Paus (10 September 1862 – 10 September 1943), usually known as Christopher Paus and also known as Christopher de Paus, was a Norwegian land owner, heir to the timber giant Tostrup & Mathiesen, papal chamberlain and count, known as philanthropist, art collector and socialite in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. He gave large donations to museums in Scandinavia and to the Catholic Church. In the Acta Apostolicae Sedis and the Annuario Pontificio, his name is spelled (conte) Cristoforo de Paus.

Born in Christiania, he belonged to the Skien branch of the Paus family, and was the son of Major and War Commissioner in Molde Johan Altenborg Paus (1833–1894) and Agnes Tostrup (1839–1863). His father was a son of lawyer and judge Henrik Johan Paus (1799–1893) glass water bottle with measurements, who owned the estate Østerhaug in Elverum, while his mother was a daughter of timber magnate Christopher Henrik Holfeldt Tostrup (1804–1881), one of the two main owners of Tostrup & Mathiesen, one of Norway’s largest timber companies. Christopher Paus’s father was also a first cousin of playwright Henrik Ibsen. As a young man, Christopher Paus would visit the then-famous Henrik Ibsen in Rome, where he lived. His great-grandfather Christian Lintrup was one of the pioneers of the medical profession in Norway.

Christopher Paus inherited a fortune from his maternal grandfather and his two childless uncles Oscar and Thorvald Tostrup, who were all co-owners of Tostrup & Mathiesen. His family sold their shares of Tostrup & Mathiesen to their business partners, the Mathiesen family, in the 1890s, and the company was since renamed Mathiesen Eidsvold Værk and continued under that name and as Moelven Industrier. His maternal grandfather had also owned the estate Kjellestad in Stathelle.

A convert from Lutheranism to Roman Catholicism, he was appointed a Privy Chamberlain of the Sword and Cape (Cameriere Segreto di Spada e Cappa) by Pope Benedict XV on 22 February 1921 and re-appointed by Pope Pius XI on 8 February 1922 and by Pope Pius XII on 7 March 1939. By tradition, a Norwegian Catholic would hold this position, and he succeeded Wilhelm Wedel-Jarlsberg who held the post some years earlier. He was conferred the title and rank of Count by Pope Pius XI on 25 May 1923. He bought the estate Narverød near Tønsberg (Norway) in 1892, the estate Trystorp with château in Lekeberg (Sweden) in 1914 meat tenderising, and the estate Herresta outside Mariefred (Sweden) in 1923. In 1942, he bought the mansion Magleås outside Copenhagen in Denmark. He divided his time between his various properties in Scandinavia and Rome.

Christopher Paus was a major art collector, and notably owned the largest collection of Greek and Roman art in Scandinavia, which he largely donated to the National Gallery of Norway in 1918. He also made donations to museums throughout the Nordic countries and in Rome.

He died in Skodsborg in Denmark without children in 1943, and bequeathed much of his estate to select members of the Paus family. In 1938, Herresta was sold to his second cousin Herman Paus pork chop tenderizer, who had married Countess Tatyana Tolstoy, a granddaughter of Leo Tolstoy; their descendants still own Herresta and other Swedish estates. Magleås was inherited by Thorleif Paus, who sold it to the Catholic Church some years later. It was held a mass for him, as a member of the Papal Court, in the Pope’s private chapel on 14 September 1943 with Pope Pius XII in attendance. He is buried at Vår Frelsers gravlund in Oslo, in the same grave as his mother, maternal grandfather and other members of the Tostrup family.

Papal and Catholic honours

Scandinavian orders of knighthood

A list of honours as of 1934 is found in the book Den Kongelige Norske St. Olavs Orden.

Easy to Assemble (Chicane album)

February 14th, 2017

Easy to Assemble is an unreleased studio album by British electronic dance music artist Chicane. The album would have been the third studio album in his main discography and the proper follow-up to 2000’s Behind the Sun.

In 2002, Bracegirdle signed to WEA and had finished his third album, which was all set to be released in 2003 wholesale socks and underwear. However, when review copies were sent out, the record label WEA was bought out by Edgar Bronfman Jr of Warner Music Group resulted in the A&R manager and music director who signed him leaving the company, and its release was put on hold while Bracegirdle negotiated an exit from his contract, and as soon as he extracted himself from his contract, he prepared to release the album independently. Unfortunately, the entire album was leaked online on several peer-to-peer sites and was pirated to such an extent that it was felt that it was not worth releasing it officially, which resulted in the commercial release of the album to be cancelled.

On 27 March 2000, Chicane released his second studio album Behind the Sun. It was a commercial success, reaching the Top 10 in the UK Albums Chart, and would go on to be certified Gold by BPI, selling over 100,000 copies plastic reusable water bottles. This would be the final studio released through his record label Xtravaganza as over the next two years, Bracegirdle became engaged in a lawsuit with Xtravaganza, which ended in Chicane’s departure from the label and its signing with WEA for the release of a third album, Easy to Assemble. As a result of the law suit, Chicane lost the rights to the sound recordings from the “Behind The Sun” album (and its singles). Originally scheduled for 2003, the album’s release was preceded by the lead single “Love on the Run”, followed by a promotional single, “Locking Down”. After promotional copies of the album were distributed, however, Easy to Assemble was not commercially released as expected—though over the following year, the official Chicane website was periodically updated with messages announcing further delays towards a still-expected release.

More recently, biographies, interviews, and publicity have stated that the album’s release was outright prevented due to an Internet leak and bootlegging of the promotional album. It was also revealed that Bracegirdle had left Warner following its 2003 sale to Edgar Bronfman, Jr. and was planning an independent release at the time.

Eventually, under the new management of John Cavanagh, April 2006 saw the release of a new single, “Stoned in Love”, on Globe Records through Universal Music Group, featuring singer Tom Jones on vocals. . At the time of the announcement the song was also played twice by Pete Tong.

The track received substantial UK TV promotion in the run up to the week of release, featuring utterly live performances on Friday Night with Jonathan Ross, The New Paul O’Grady Show and a semi-live performance on BBC’s now defunct Top of the Pops. Jones and Bracegirdle were also interviewed on Channel 5 News; When asked in the 5 News interview where he had been since “Don’t Give Up”, Bracegirdle replied that he had been “basically stuffed” by the internet bootlegging of the album Easy to Assemble.

His next album went on to be titled Somersault, which was released on 23 July, 2007.

Two of the tracks from the unreleased album glass water bottle with measurements, “Arizona” and “Spirit”, are featured on the Somersault album, with the latter of which being rerecorded. Another two tracks from the unreleased album, Daylight and Locking Down, would be featured on his first compilation album The Best of Chicane: 1996–2008.

Werdenberger Schloss-Festspiele

February 12th, 2017

Die Werdenberger Schloss-Festspiele finden seit 1985 in regelmässigen Abständen im Schlosshof von Schloss Werdenberg statt. Im Zentrum steht jeweils eine Opern-Inszenierung. Das Schweizer Städtchen Werdenberg ist die kleinste Festspielstadt Europas.

Trägerorganisation ist die «Werdenberger Schloss-Festspiele Genossenschaft». Diese hat die „Bereicherung des regionalen Kulturlebens, insbesondere auf Schloss Werdenberg, durch Musiktheater personalised football jerseys, Konzerte oder ähnliche Veranstaltungen“ zum Zweck. Nach dem Motto «Mit regionalem Kulturschaffen über die Region hinausstrahlen» werden kulturelle Anlässe gefördert how to tender meat. Die Kulisse des Schlosses aus dem 13. Jahrhundert verleiht der Veranstaltung aus der klassischen Musik den Rahmen. Bauliche Massnahmen, die ausschliesslich für diese Opernaufführungen vorgenommen werden, bieten sowohl der Bühne wie der Tribüne eine überdachte Möglichkeit, Freilichtaufführungen auch bei zweifelhafter Witterung durchzuführen. Für Oper und Rahmenprogramm werden jeweils über 4000 Besucher erwartet. Da die Besucher auf der kleinen Tribüne sehr nahe an Orchestergraben und Tribüne sitzen, ist keine technische Verstärkung notwendig glass water bottle with measurements.

Eliza Ann Youmans

January 27th, 2017

Eliza Ann Youmans (born in Greenfield, New York, 17 December 1826; died in Winona, Minnesota, 27 September 1914) wrote books, mainly on botanical subjects.

She was the daughter of Vincent Youmans and Catherine (Scofield) Youmans. Her brother Edward L. Youmans suffered from an eye ailment fabric razor, and she read to him and performed chemistry experiments in order to assist him in his studies of chemistry. To further her usefulness as a tutor, in 1843 she attended classes in chemistry given by William Mather in Fairfield, New York. Later in New York City glass water bottle with measurements, with the same purpose in mind, she studied agricultural chemistry in the laboratory of Thomas Antisell.

Her studies and tutoring stimulated her own interest in science, and her fondness for children led her to apply her knowledge to early education. She published First Book of Botany, designed to Cultivate the Observing Powers of Children (New York running belt reviews, 1870) and Second Book of Botany (1873). These were intended to promote the systematic study of plants as objects in place of the object lessons in general use. She prepared an enlarged edition of Henslow’s Botanical Charts (1873), translated from the French Quatrefages’ Natural History of Man (1875), and contributed to the Popular Science Monthly and other periodicals. Youmans also published Descriptive Botany, a Guide to the Classification of Plants, with a Popular Flora (1885) is vinegar a meat tenderizer, and an abridgment of Bentley’s Physiological Botany, as a sequel (1886).

Óscar Ruiz

December 6th, 2016

Óscar Julián Ruiz Acosta (Villavicencio, 1º novembre 1969) è un arbitro di calcio colombiano.

È riuscito fin da giovanissimo a conquistare un posto di primo piano nel panorama dei direttori di gara mondiali, come dimostrato dalle numerose designazioni prestigiose, e dal fatto che per ben 5 volte (2000, 2002, 2003, 2004 e 2005) è risultato come il miglior direttore di gara sudamericano secondo le annuali classifiche redatte dalle IFFHS, relativamente al premio “miglior arbitro dell’anno”.

Nominato internazionale all’età di soli 26 anni, già nel 1999 viene designato per la finale di Copa America per nazioni sudamericane tra Brasile e Uruguay (arbitra anche nelle edizioni del 1995 round meat tenderizer, 2001, 2004 e 2007).

Nel 2000 la sua ascesa continua con la finale della Coppa Intercontinentale tra Real Madrid e Boca Juniors. Nel 2002, arriva la selezione per i mondiali di calcio in Corea e Giappone: in una rassegna iridata funestata da molti arbitraggi mediocri e sospetti, Ruiz risulterà uno dei migliori fischietti del torneo (assieme all’italiano Pierluigi Collina, allo svizzero Urs Meier ed al danese Kim Milton Nielsen), e arbitra in tutto 3 gare, ovvero Corea del Sud – Polonia, Turchia – Cina ed il quarto di finale tra la Turchia e il Senegal.

Quattro anni più tardi, dopo aver preso parte anche ai mondiali di calcio FIFA under 17 in Perù del 2005 e alla Gold Cup sempre nel 2005, si presenta ancora una volta ai mondiali di calcio in Germania, nutrendo grandi speranze di aggiudicarsi la finale (infatti per la rotazione geopolitica in vigore all’interno della FIFA, si dava per scontato alla vigilia che la finalissima non sarebbe andata ad un arbitro europeo, come invece era accaduto nel 2002). Ruiz trova un inadeguato arbitraggio in occasione della partita Paesi Bassi – Costa d’Avorio, che sarebbe rimasta l’unica sua presenza in quel Mondiale, la cui finale sarebbe invece finita all’argentino Horacio Marcelo Elizondo glass water bottle with measurements.

Nel dicembre 2006, un po’ a sorpresa viste le prestazioni non entusiasmanti dell’ultimo periodo, viene designato per la semifinale del Mondiale per club FIFA, tra i messicani dell’América ed il Barcellona. Ha all’attivo anche quattro finali di Copa Libertadores (2002, 2003, 2007 e 2010), due di Copa Sudamericana (nel 2007 e nel 2010) e due di Recopa Sudamericana (nel 2006 e nel 2007.

In carriera vanta anche la partecipazione al torneo Fifa Confederations Cup del 1999 (in Messico) e del 2001 (in Corea del Sud e Giappone), al Campionato mondiale per club FIFA del 2000 (in Brasile) e ai mondiali under 20 del 2003 (negli Emirati Arabi Uniti) e del 2005 (nei Paesi Bassi).

Nel settembre 2009 viene convocato, per la terza volta, al Campionato mondiale di calcio Under-20 in programma in Egitto.

È l’unico arbitro colombiano inserito nella lista dei 30 ufficialmente convocati per i Mondiali di calcio in Sudafrica nel 2010 e tale esperienza è per lui la terza consecutiva (primato detenuto assieme ad altri 18 fischietti della storia): qui dirige due partite, ovvero Grecia-Nigeria e Francia-Sudafrica.

Al termine della stagione 2010/2011 annuncia il ritiro dall’attività per diventare istruttore FIFA, e dal 1º gennaio 2012 entra a far parte ufficialmente della Commissione Arbitrale.

Nel gennaio 2012 viene denunciato dal collega German Mauricio Sanchez per presunte molestie sessuali risalenti ad un episodio del 2010, ma Ruiz respinge le accuse.

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