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Fort Duffield

May 10th, 2018

Fort Duffield is a Union American Civil War fort located outside West Point, Kentucky. It saw use in 1862, and was abandoned when it appeared that the war would never come near the fort. Ironically, John Hunt Morgan would in 1863 lead his Raiders right past the fort and may have been stopped had the fort not been abandoned.

William Tecumseh Sherman was concerned with the Confederate positions in Bowling Green and Columbus needle meat tenderizer, and sent the 37th Indiana and the 9th Michigan regiments to West Point. The plan was to use West Point as a Union supply base for Elizabethtown glass insulated water bottle. Sherman ordered the fort to be built on Pearman Hill to protect the town and supply route. Construction began on November 3, 1861 and was finished in two months. The fort was named for the Rev. George Duffield of Detroit long sleeve soccer t shirts, whose son, Colonel William W. Duffield water bottle companies, led the 9th Michigan Infantry . There were 950 troops stationed there, but they were soon sent to the front lines and the fort was mostly unused in 1862, seeing its last use that fall.

The fort is mostly a serpentine wall, unlike the typical star-shaped Civil War forts in Kentucky. The earthworks of the fort are well-preserved. Originally there was a one-mile clearing between the fort and any trees, but since the fort’s abandonment the forest has grown back around the fort. A fresh water spring was inside the fort.

Disappearance of Charles Bothuell V

August 15th, 2017

Charles Bothuell V is an American male teenager from Detroit, Michigan who disappeared in 2014. His father, Charles Bothuell IV, and stepmother, Monique Dillard-Bothuell have been charged with torture and child abuse. In 2016, Bothuell IV pled guilty to fourth-degree child abuse after accepting a plea deal.

In early 2014, Bothuell IV and Dillard-Bothuell reported their son, Bothuell V, missing. Eleven days after they filed the missing persons report, Bothuell V was found in the family’s basement, behind boxes. Bothuell IV learned of the discovery of his son on live television while being interviewed by Nancy Grace, which became a viral video on YouTube. Grace received harsh criticism for the tone of voice she used during the interview where she seemed skeptical of Bothuell IV’s innocence.

In April 2015, the couple was arrested and charged with torture and second-degree child abuse bpa free stainless steel water bottle. The torture charge, which could have faced the couple with life in prison, was later dismissed by the court. The trial for the charges of child abuse was later scheduled for November 2015 glass insulated water bottle.

On January 19, 2016, a verdict in the trial was reached, after Bothuell IV pleaded guilty to fourth-degree child abuse, in exchange for removal of the second-degree child abuse charges football tees for sale. The prosecutors revealed that Bothuell V was very thin and had marks on his body from the abuse when he was found after being reported missing. Bothuell V testified that he was kept home from school and forced to engage in rigorous exercise routines daily by his parents, in addition to his allegations of being beaten. Bothuell IV also admitted to beating his son with a PVC pipe. He was sentenced to 18 months of probation and mandatory anger management classes. He also lost custody of his son, and was ordered to have no further contact with him. Dillard-Bothuell reportedly accepted a plea deal earlier as well, but the details of this were not made public. It was also reported that her record would be cleared after six months if she stayed out of legal trouble.


June 27th, 2017


Мекленбург-Передняя Померания

Восточная Передняя Померания (район)

Управление Ландхаген

54°06′13″ с. ш. 13°20′43″ в. д.

9 подрайонов

Манфред Херинг

31,72 км²

0 м

1414 человек (2010)

UTC+1, летом UTC+2

+49 3834



13 0 59 098


Ваккеров (нем. Wackerow) — коммуна в Германии, в земле Мекленбург-Передняя Померания.

Входит в состав района Восточная Передняя Померания. Подчиняется управлению Ландхаген. Население составляет 1414 человек (на 31 декабря 2010 года). Занимает площадь 31,72 км². Официальный код — 13 0 59 098.

Коммуна подразделяется на 9 сельских округов.

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