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David William Hutchison

January 10th, 2018

David William Hutchison (May 21, 1908 – September 24, 1982) was a major general in the United States Air Force.

Hutchison was born on May 21, 1908 in Mineral Point, Wisconsin. His father, Charles W. Hutchison, was a member of the Wisconsin State Senate.

Hutchison graduated from the United States Military Academy in 1931. During World War II, Hutchison served with the Fifth Air Force and later commanded the 308th Bombardment Wing. While in command, he participated in the Battle of Biak, the Battle of Leyte, and the Battle of Luzon. Following the war, he was given command of the 314th Air Division, the 97th Bombardment Wing, the 21st Air Division, and the 5th Air Division, before being selected as the first commander of the Seventeenth Air Force. During his time in command of the 21st Division, which at the time was based at Forbes Air Force Base in Shawnee County, Kansas, he received a letter of commendation from Governor Edward F. Arn for relief efforts during flooding from the Kansas River in 1951. In 1954, he was named Deputy for Operations of Tactical Air Command and in 1958 was given command of the Ninth Air Force.

Awards he received include the Distinguished Service Medal, the Silver Star glass bottles wholesale, the Distinguished Flying Cross with oak leaf cluster, the Air Medal with oak leaf cluster, the Purple Heart, the Asiatic-Pacific Campaign Medal, the Philippine Liberation Medal, the World War II Victory Medal, the Army of Occupation Medal, the National Defense Service Medal running belt pouch, the Air Force Longevity Service Award with silver oak leaf cluster and bronze oak leaf cluster, and the Distinguished Service Order of the United Kingdom.

He died on September 24, 1982.

Robert Chasowa

March 16th, 2017

Robert Chasowa (March 20, 1986 – September 24, 2011) was a University of Malawi engineering student and political activist. Chasowa was the chair of a student activist group, Youth for Democracy (YFD). The YFD printed a weekly pro-democracy and anti-Bingu wa Mutharika administration newsletter called the Weekly Political Update that has circulation around the UNIMA campus. His mysterious death made international headlines but was ruled a suicide under the Bingu wa Mutharika administration. In October 2012, the results of a commission of inquiry led by President Joyce Banda’s administration ruled his death as a murder.

Chasowa was the Vice-President of the ‘Youth for Freedom and Democracy’. This pro-democracy group was responsible for publishing a weekly campus publication, the Weekly Political Update. This is a student run political newsletter at UNIMA published by activist group. WPU has made several allegations against the Mutharika administration. In a most recent publication, it alleged it had evidence linking Pres Bingu wa Mutharika and the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) to the arson attack of offices of the Institute for Policy Interaction (IPI) of activist Rafiq Hajat. Chasowa was also affiliated with the group, New Vision Youth Organization group that concerned itself with socioeconomic issues in Malawi and sought dialogue with the President.

Prior to his death he co-wrote a play “Semo” with Thlupego Chisiza (son of Dunduzu Chisiza Jr) that was critical of the governments human rights policies. The play was performed at Lions Theater in Blantyre by Chisiza and this led to Chisiza’s arrest.

The week before his death, plain clothes police officers went to the Polytechnic University of Malawi, to question administrators on the existence of a political pressure group, YFD. The students called this move illegal and contrary to the Kampala Declaration which grants academic freedom. They arrested YFD members, including the President “Black Moses” who is still missing.

On Saturday, September 24 football socks, 2011, Chasowa was found dead at the Polytechnic campus with a deep cut on his head and lying in blood. Police have ruled his death a suicide. Police say that Chasowa jumped from a five-story building on September 24, 2011. Inspector General of Police Peter Mukhito noted that he was identified by the leader of the student group, “Black Moses”, as the author and distributor of anti-government newsletters which prompted him to commit suicide due to fear. Police say he left a note stating he was killing himself because “politics are dangerous.” His sister, family and activists however have noted that there says was a hole under his chin, and that the medical report reported no fractured limbs homemade meat tenderizer, only head injuries indicating wounds inconsistent with a fall from a 5 story building.

Chasowa’s funeral was held on September 26, 2011 and was attended by thousands of University of Malawi students from Malawi Polytechnic and Chancellor College (Chanco) student union representatives. It was also attended by fired university professor Dr.Jessie Kabwila-Kapasula and Dr. Edge Kanyongolo who gained notoriety in the academic freedom stand off. Dr. Kabwila-Kapasula was dressed in red with a cloth around her mouth to symbolize the silencing of voices of discontent. A red cloth was placed on his grave by Kabwila-Kapasula. Red is the color worn by protesters during the July 21, 2011 Malawi nationwide protests as a symbol of “discontent” among Malawians against the deteriorating social, economic and political in Malawi under the Bingu wa Mutharika administration. The director of religious affairs for the People’s Party (PP), Reverend Malani Mtonga was in attendance. At the home of the Chasowa United Democratic Front (Malawi) national chairman and former Vice-President of Malawi Dr Cassim Chilumpha glass bottles wholesale, deputy secretary general Hophmally Makande, UDF second vice president Humphrey Mvula, UDF director of campaign Davies Chester Katsonga were in attendance.

The Polytechnic Student Union was dissolved as a result of the death of Chasowa. The student held an emergency meeting after the burial of Chasowa and resolved to dissolve the Union. Union leaders were allegedly cooperating with the pro- Mutharika ‘thugs’ which created further tension. Many students have reported receiving death threats and are living in fear.

The Malawi Human Rights Commission has been investigation his death due to inconsistencies in the cause of death. The police have ruled his death a suicide, and a suicide letter was found, written in block letters as evidence of suicide. However, witnesses that were at the scene of the crime noted that he had stab wounds on his head.

President Joyce Banda came into power in April 2012 and vowed to investigate his death through commissioners. The commission of inquiry ruled his death a murder in October 2012.

The Strange Death of Liberal England (band)

February 20th, 2017

The Strange Death of Liberal England best retro football shirts, also known as TSDOLE, were a five-piece English band from Portsmouth. Their influences range from folk to indie rock to post rock with this diversity creating a large number of followers, including BBC Radio One DJs Steve Lamacq, Zane Lowe and Huw Stephens.

The band took its unusual name from George Dangerfield’s 1935 book of the same name, about the early 20th century decline of the Liberal Party.

Forming in 2005 the five piece band began life with mainly instrumental songs, however as they grew as a band lyrics began to appear in their songs. Their music was often compared to the likes of Arcade Fire and the early work of Pixies, although as they began to form their own following they broke away from these comparisons and began to form their own path.

As well as a self-produced and distributed EP, Stop/Go Happy/Sad Forward/Forward (2005) wholesale underwear, The Strange Death of Liberal England have released two singles and one “mini-album”. The first single titled “A Day Another Day” was released by Fantastic Plastic early in 2007, it was greatly received by fans and music critics alike, with “Oh Solitude” following in June 2007. The band released their first “mini-album” called Forward March! on 9 July 2007 which has received high praise from many sources. “Mute Magic, 7/10” – NME, “quite possibly the best debut album you will leap yourself upon in 2007… 4.5/5” –, “7/10” – Drowned In Sound and more recently the 2008 single “Angelou” which includes the B-side “Scared to death” as well as “Angelou”.

The Strange Death of Liberal England released their first full-length album, Drown Your Heart Again, in September 2010. The album was preceded by a single, “Rising Sea” in August 2010.

The first track to emerge from these sessions was “Like A Curtain Falling”, it was debuted on the band’s Myspace page on 18 March 2009. A CD version was available from their New Theatre Royal gig, backed by a demo of the song “September Sparrows”.

“Flagships” backed by a four-track demo of “Winter” was released via iTunes on 5 March 2010. A CD was also made glass bottles wholesale, limited to 500 copies made available on the support tour of Editors.

The band’s activity on social media ceased in mid-2011. In late 2016 they posted that William Charlton was now recording with a new group, The New Faith.

On 6 March 2010 by email the band announced that “Those of you who attended our recent two shows will have noticed that a new pair of arms has been sitting behind the drum kit. Andrew Summerly is no longer drumming for The Strange Death of Liberal England and we would like to thank him for the years of hardwork. We will keep you up-to-date with any new projects embarked upon by Andy but in the meantime would like to welcome our new homme de batterie, Mr David Lindsay, to the band.”

The Strange Death of Liberal England had a huge live following, and have played many gigs throughout the UK and Europe, mostly notable Latitude Festival 2007, and a live Maida Vale studio set for Steve Lamacq. The band have also supported Manic Street Preachers during their 2007 tour. The band were known for their unique style of presentation during their gigs, as rather than speaking they held up placards with statements such as “we are bandini” and “Repent”, as well as song titles, and “thank you”. This unique idea and the quality of their live performances has created an almost cult following.

Whilst the band did not play many dates in 2008 they played gigs in Germany with Mother Tongue & The Animal Five, in Spain at Primavera Sound (Barcelona) and gigs in England at The Freebutt, The Water Rats and at The Offset Festival.

The band returned to the stage in April 2009 at The New Theatre Royal Portsmouth and played dates with Editors on their March 2010 tour.

The band played at the Beautiful Days festival 2011 in Devon where they were well received by the crowd, despite the heavy rain.

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