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Abel Cain

February 19th, 2018

Abel Cain (formerly known as Sons of El Topo) is a stalled film project written and directed by Alejandro Jodorowsky and the sequel to Jodorowsky’s classic acid Western film El Topo. It was to be produced and financed by Parallel Media. In a 2010 interview, Jodorowsky said that the film had “dragged a long time” and suggested that Abel Cain will not feature any “stars”, adding that he would cast his son Axel Jodorowsky in the lead role just as he did in his 1989 cult classic film Santa Sangre.

It was expected to be released sometime between late 2011 to 2012, but appears to be shelved so that he may shoot his biopic, The Dance of Reality first. In a November 29 interview, Jodorowsky announced that he had found financing for the film and would begin shooting the project in September in Mexico after he is finished with The Dance of Reality waist water bottle holder.

During an interview at the Cannes Film Festival in 2016, Jodorowsky announced his plans to finally make The Son of El Topo as soon as financial backing is obtained. Also in 2016 the sequel to El Topo was released in comic book form as Sons of El Topo (the original title for the project), in a miniseries written by Jodorowsky and illustrated by José Ladrönn.

After a nuclear apocalypse, the whole landscape is a desert ruin, except for a small island paradise where El Topo is buried. Though visible and seemingly accessible bottle and glass, every attempt to enter this island has resulted in disaster. El Topo’s sons, Cain and Abel, were separated as boys because El Topo predicted that Cain would kill Abel. But when evil marauders steal their mothers’s body in an attempt to trick their way into the island, the brothers join forces to deliver their dead mother to be buried with their father. Not only must they overcome an enemy adept at technological witchery, they must overcome the curse that marks their destiny.

Alejandro Jodorowsky began attempting to resurrect his film career in the mid-nineties after becoming disillusioned with the business during his poor experience on The Rainbow Thief and attempted to market a sequel to his classic El Topo, and created a teaser poster. Originally Sons of El Topo was to star Marilyn Manson and Johnny Depp, but the funding never materialized and Jodorowsky shortly abandoned the project.

Jodorowsky next attempted to make a “metaphysical gangster film” entitled King Shot, which was to be produced by David Lynch and star Marilyn Manson and Nick Nolte. He drew numerous conceptual sketches and heavily marketed the film to producers, but eventually he and Lynch abandoned the project after they were only able to acquire a portion of the budget necessary to shoot the film and Jodorowsky was given another opportunity to make his “dream project”.

In a November 2009 interview with The Guardian best handheld running bottle, Jodorowsky revealed that he had stopped trying to make King Shot, but had finally been given financing for the sequel to El Topo by some “Russian producers” who own Parallel Media films best thermos flask.

Richland Township (Clinton County, Ohio)

December 29th, 2017

Richland Township ist eines von 13 Townships des Clinton Countys im US-Bundesstaat Ohio. Nach der Volkszählung im Jahr 2000 waren hier 3758 Einwohner registriert belt running.

Richland Township liegt im äußersten Nordosten des Clinton Countys im mittleren Südwesten von Ohio und grenzt im Uhrzeigersinn an die Townships: Jasper Township im Fayette County, Concord Township (Fayette County), Wayne Township, Green Township, Union Township und Wilson Township.

Richland Township wurde am 6. April 1810 gebildet und war eines der drei Original-Townships des Countys best handheld running bottle. Am 13. August 1813 wurden die Grenzen neu gezogen und das Green Township daraus gebildet, sowie ein Teil des Union Townships. Am 15. Juli 1817 wurde aus einem weiteren Teil das Liberty Township, im März 1837 das Wayne Township und im August 1850 das Wislon Township aus dem ehemaligen Richland Township gebildet.

Das Township wird durch ein Board of Trustees, bestehend aus drei gewählten Mitgliedern, verwaltet. Zwei Personen werden jeweils im Jahr nach der Präsidentschaftswahl gewählt und eine jeweils im Jahr davor usa football jersey. Die Amtszeit dauert in der Regel vier Jahre und beginnt jeweils am 1. Januar. Daneben gibt es noch einen Township Clerk (zuständig für Finanzen und Budget), der ebenfalls im Jahr vor der Präsidentschaftswahl auf eine vierjährige Amtszeit gewählt wird. Dessen Amtszeit beginnt jeweils am 1. April.

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Abdelkader Laïfaoui

August 5th, 2017

Abdelkader Laïfaoui (ur. 9 lipca 1981 w Hussein Dey) – algierski piłkarz grający na pozycji obrońcy. Mierzy 178 cm wzrostu, waży 69 kg insulated coffee thermos.

Karierę piłkarską Laïfaoui rozpoczął w klubie OMR El Annasser. W 1999 roku zadebiutował w jego barwach w drugiej lidze algierskiej i grał w nim do 2003 roku. Wtedy też odszedł do pierwszoligowego NA Hussein Dey. Piłkarzem Hussein Dey był do 2005 roku i wtedy też odszedł do CR Belouizdad. Z kolei w 2007 roku ponownie zmienił klub i przeszedł do innego pierwszoligowca, ES Sétif. W latach 2007 i 2008 dwukrotnie z rzędu zwyciężył z nim w Arabskiej Lidze Mistrzów. W 2007 roku wygrał z nim mistrzostwo Algierii meat tenderizer recipe for steak.

W reprezentacji Algierii Laïfaoui zadebiutował 17 sierpnia 2004 roku w zremisowanym 2:2 towarzyskim spotkaniu z Burkiną Faso. W 2009 roku wywalczył z Algierią awans na Mistrzostwa Świata w RPA, a w 2010 roku znalazł się w kadrze na Puchar Narodów Afryki 2010.

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