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Horsfieldia penangiana

September 30th, 2016

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156th Parachute Battalion (United Kingdom)

September 30th, 2016

The 156th Parachute Battalion was an airborne infantry battalion of the Parachute Regiment raised by the British Army during the Second World War.

The battalion was formed in 1941 from volunteers in serving India initially numbered the 151st Parachute Battalion and assigned to the 50th Indian Parachute Brigade. It was then decided they were no longer required in India, so the battalion was renumbered the 156th Parachute Battalion and moved to the Middle East to join the 4th Parachute Brigade silicone bottle sleeve, 1st Airborne Division.

The battalion fought briefly in the Allied invasion of Italy in September 1943 and a year later in the Battle of Arnhem, part of Operation Market Garden, where heavy casualties resulted in the disbanding of the battalion, the few surviving men being distributed amongst the battalions of the 1st Parachute Brigade.

Impressed by the success of German airborne operations electric shaver parts, during the Battle of France, the British Prime Minister, Winston Churchill, directed the War Office to investigate the possibility of creating a corps of 5,000 parachute troops. On 22 June 1940, No. 2 Commando was turned over to parachute duties and on 21 November, re-designated the 11th Special Air Service Battalion, with a parachute and glider wing.

The battalion was raised in October 1941 from volunteers from all of the 27 British infantry battalions in British India and originally numbered the 151st Parachute Battalion, part of the 50th Indian Parachute Brigade. However it was decided in October 1942, that the brigade would only have Indian or Gurkha battalions and the 151st was released and sent to the Middle East. The battalion was redesignated 156th Parachute Battalion for no other reason than to confuse German intelligence.

Arriving in the Middle East, the battalion together with the 10th and the 11th parachute battalions formed the 4th Parachute Brigade, 1st Airborne Division.

In 1942 a parachute battalion had an establishment of 556 men in three companies (three platoons each) supported by a 3 inch mortar and a Vickers machine gun platoon. By 1944 a support company to command the battalions heavy weapons was added. It comprised three platoons: Mortar Platoon with eight 3-inch (76 mm) mortars, Machine Gun Platoon with four Vickers machine guns and an Anti-tank Platoon with ten PIAT anti-tank projectors.

The 156th Parachute Battalions first combat experience was during Operation Slapstick in Italy. The operation was carried out by the 1st Airborne Divisions, 2nd and 4th Parachute Brigades. The battalion sailed from Bizerta on 8 September 1943. The landings at Taranto were unopposed nathan steel water bottle, the Italians surrendering the night before the lemon press. The 156th Battalion and the 10th Parachute Battalion together captured the town and airfield of Gioia, and in November 1943 the battalion was withdrawn to England.

The 156th Parachute Battalion and the rest of the 4th Parachute Brigade landed to the west of Arnhem on the second day of the battle 18 September 1944. Their objective was to hold a position on the high ground north of Arnhem at Koepel. With the 156th Parachute Battalion leading on the right followed by the 10th Battalion on the left. By dawn the following day the battalion was just north of the Utrecht to Arnhem railway line. When they came under attack from German 88 mm guns. Both battalions were ordered to start an assault on the position at 07:00. After repeated attacks the battalion got no further forward. The defenders from the 9th SS Panzer Division had been here for two days and were well dug in. The German position included infantry, self propelled guns and armoured cars. The battalion fought all day in the woods but its losses were very heavy, with ‘A’ Company losing all of its officers. Finally brigade headquarters obtained permission to withdraw south of the rail line into Oosterbeek. The battalion started to pull back over the rail line but in the confusion of the withdrawal no orders had been given about where they were to go once south of the rail line. Most of ‘B’ and ‘Support’ Companies headed towards Wolfheze while the rest of the battalion headed towards Oosterbeek, the two parts of the battalion were never reunited. The units in Wolfheze and the remnants of the 10th Parachute Battalion now prepared to defend the village.

Casualties had continued to mount including the commanding officer Lieutenant-Colonel Richard des Voeux and the second in command who were both killed on 20 September. The battalion was now under command of Major Richard Powell. The German tactics were to bombard the British positions with tank and mortar fire. The remnants of the battalion were withdrawn into the perimeter formed by the division around Oosterbeek. By 21 September pressure from the German attacks had squeezed the perimeter to less than 1,000 yards (910 m) across.

On 22 September the bulk of the 1st Polish Parachute Brigade were dropped south of the river. This drew off some of the Germans from around the divisional perimeter to confront the new threat. The defenders now had to cope with over 100 German artillery guns firing onto their positions. By 23 September the battalions position was subjected to constant mortar and artillery fire and incursions by tanks and infantry were becoming more and more frequent. Casualties forced a contraction of the perimeter but first the Germans had to be evicted from the houses behind them which they were to occupy.

On 24 September the decision was made by Lieutenant General Horrocks commander XXX Corps to withdraw what was left of the division south of the Rhine. The remnants of the battalion were evacuated over the night of 25/26 September. During the battle of Arnhem the battalion’s casualties were, 98 dead, 68 were evacuated and 313 became prisoners of war. The casualties sustained were never replaced and the battalion was disbanded after the battle.

Ruffa Gutierrez

September 30th, 2016

Sharmaine Ruffa Rama Gutierrez (born June 24, 1974) is a Filipino model, beauty queen and actress large glass bottles. She was the 1992 Look of the Year-Philippines, Binibining Pilipinas World 1993 and Second Runner-up to Miss World 1993.

Gutierrez began acting as a teen in the 1980s, under BMG Films. She became part of German Moreno’s That’s Entertainment in the early 1990s before becoming a beauty queen in 1993 retro soccer t shirts.

As the official representative of her country to the 1993 Miss World pageant held in Sun City, South Africa on November 27, Gutierrez won the title of Miss World Asia & Oceania and placed Second Runner-up to winner, Lisa Hanna of Jamaica.

She is the only daughter of actor, Eddie Gutierrez and talent manager, Annabelle Rama. She has two half-brothers, Tonton Gutierrez and Ramon Christopher, from her father’s previous relationships. She has five brothers: Elvis Gutierrez, Rocky Gutierrez, Ritchie Paul Gutierrez and Raymond Gutierrez and Richard Gutierrez.

In 2003, she married Turkish businessman Yilmaz Bektas. They had two children, Lorin Gabriella and Venezia Loran. They announced their separation through a joint statement on May 8, 2007 auburn football jersey.

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How to Hide a Pregnancy Bump at a Wedding

September 30th, 2016

As excited as you and your intended might be about your pregnancy, you might not be ready to share the news with loved ones until after your wedding. Hiding a bump can be difficult, especially after the first trimester. Fortunately, professional consultants and seamstresses can help you find a dress that you love and fit it to your changing shape. Do some dress research before you fall in love with a form-fitting mermaid gown that hugs the very curve you wish to conceal.
Focus on the shape of your wedding dress to hide a baby bump. A-line dresses and those that pair empire waists with loose bottoms help to create a secretive silhouette and allow for comfortable

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, unrestricted movement. Gowns that feature a drop waist also provide extra room in the stomach area without arousing suspicion. Fitted — but not tight — tops with large, showy skirts are a good combination for bump-hiding as well. You can¡¯t hide your tummy in mermaid, trumpet or ball gowns, so avoid these styles when choosing your wedding dress.
Some brides dream about a traditional wedding their entire lives, and nothing else will do when the big day arrives. A less traditional or more informal ceremony, however, may better suit your particular circumstance. For example, shop for a dress in a floral print, because busy patterns confuse the eye and make it difficult to discern the shape of the body underneath. Dark colors, meanwhile, have a slimming effect, especially when paired with a light, boxy jacket. Two-piece ensembles make it possible to loosen the elastic on pants and skirts to include more wiggle room at the waist, and pair then with long, airy, flowing tops that fall away from the body.
With the right accents, brides can hide a baby bump by simply drawing the eye away from it. Deep V-necks create a long, lean appearance and draw the eye up and away from the waistline. Cap sleeves and bared backs also create a focal point far away from the bump. Use accessories to hide your bump as well. A large, bright but short necklace catches the eye and draws it upward and a large bouquet will hide your bump nicely as you walk down the aisle and. Don¡¯t rely on accessories alone, however, as you can’t hide behind your bouquet throughout the entire ceremony and reception. Avoid shiny fabrics, bows, gemstones and other embellishments below your bust line.
Planning is crucial if you are not ready to share your baby news at the wedding. Tell your bridal consultant about your pregnancy so she can recommend dresses that are easily altered. Although it is hard to predict exactly what changes your body will undergo, a general rule of thumb for a good fit is to add one inch to your measurements for each month of pregnancy. The more easily your dress can be changed and adapted, the fewer problems you will have. Pregnancy affects more than just your waistline, so be prepared to wear flats if your ankles swell or put on a different bra to accommodate your growing figure.

Jeroen Slaghekke

September 30th, 2016

Jeroen Slaghekke (born May 3, 1992 at The Hague, Netherlands) is a Dutch racing driver. He finished 3rd in the Suzuki Swift Cup Netherlands in 2009 and was the 2011 vice-champion in the British Formula Ford Championship.

Jeroen started his motorsport career in go-karts in 2007 design football uniforms, Racing in the Dutch RK-1 4 stroke karting championship. Slaghekke then moved up to touring cars in 2008 where he raced in the Suzuki Swift Cup Netherlands for the Coronel Junior Team run by Tom Coronel.

2009 saw Slaghekke race a second year in Suzuki Swift Cup Netherlands with the Coronel Junior Team, in which he finished 3rd overall with 170 points.

Slaghekke joined the Jamun Racing Services team to compete in the 2010 British Formula Ford season in Great Britain. He enjoyed a maiden success in the series with a podium finish at Donington Park.

For 2011 Slaghekke returned to the UK to compete in the British Formula Ford Championship for a second year. Racing a Mygale for British team Jamun Racing Services he won 4 races, took 21 podiums pill razor, 8 pole positions and 7 fastest racing laps. He also holds the Formula Ford lap record for the Silverstone National Circuit, standing at 58.200 seconds, and the Silverstone Circuit standing at 2.08.182.

In 2012 Slaghekke raced in Formula Renault 2.0 Northern European Cup for Van Amersfoort Racing and finished fourth in points with a runner-up finish in his home race at Circuit Park Zandvoort and a win at Autodrom Most.

In 2013 Slaghekke signed on with Cape Motorsports to race in the American U.S cell phone underwater case. F2000 National Championship. Slaghekke left the team after three rounds of the championship and joined Afterburner Autosport. He made appearances in two more rounds (5 starts) before leaving the series for the rest of the season. He finished 22nd in points with a best finish of eighth eco friendly reusable water bottles. In 2014 Slaghekke returned to the series with Afterburner. He switched teams after four rounds (seven races) to Belardi Auto Racing where he completed the season. He improved to 13th in points with a best finish of fourth on the oval at Lucas Oil Raceway at Indianapolis, his final start with Afterburner.

(key) (Races in bold indicate pole position) (Races in italics indicate fastest lap)

Are There Benefits to Using Cucumber Juice on Facial Skin?

September 30th, 2016

Among egg white masks and brown-sugar scrubs

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, the cucumber takes its time-tested place among natural home remedies for facial skin care. In addition to plenty of word-of-mouth recommendations and anecdotal tips, hard facts support this veggie’s place in the skin care pantheon — you need only take a look at the chemical composition of cucumbers to understand exactly what types of benefits the cucumber offers in terms of all-natural skin care.
In an article for, ¡°Feed Your Skin, Starve Your Wrinkles¡± author Allison Tannis breaks down the most basic skin-friendly components of cucumbers. In addition to its hydrating water content, which lends the skin moisture and reduces puffiness, the vegetable packs vitamin C and caffeic acid, both of which soothe inflamed or irritated skin. If you juice your cukes with the skin on, silica from the peel helps firm up sagging skin. Melissa Breyer, co-author of National Geographic’s ¡°True Food,¡± notes that because cucumbers have the same pH as skin, they help maintain the its protective acid mantle — the thin acidic film on your skin that wards off impurities.
In 2013, a study published in ¡°Fitoterapia,¡± a journal dedicated to medicinal plant research, took a closer look at the bioactive compounds that make cucumber juice beneficial for skin care. The report identifies a variety of compounds that make cucumber juice ¡°nourishing¡± for the skin. The authors conclude that these elements lend cucumber juice a skin-soothing effect that eases irritation, reduces swelling and even alleviates sunburns. Cucumber also offers antioxidants, which combat skin-damaging free radicals.
While pure cucumber juice makes for a cooling face wash, you can also reap cucumber’s benefits by eating the veggie or drinking cucumber water, made by filling a pitcher with cold, distilled water and letting the slices of a whole cucumber soak in the water for at least 45 minutes

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. In either case, the skin of your face and body benefits from the cucumber’s vitamin C, which bolsters your body’s collagen and elastin production and its connective-tissue-bolstering silica. Additionally, cucumber packs plenty of fiber, magnesium and potassium, which help regulate blood pressure. This in turn reduces puffiness and soothes inflamed skin, both symptoms of high blood pressure.
Face washes and ingestion aren’t the only way to benefit from cucumbers. The age-old trick of placing cooled cucumber slices over your eyes hydrates the skin and contracts blood vessels to reduce swelling and puffiness. You can also toss a whole sliced cucumber into your bath to soothe the skin or puree and chill fresh cucumber to use as a tightening toner. Mixed with ingredients such as avocados, egg whites, milk and essential oils, pureed cucumber also lends itself to gentle, skin-soothing face masks.

Руднаи, Шандор

September 30th, 2016

Шандор (Александр) Руднаи (венг. Rudnay Sándor, словацк. Alexander Rudnay goalkeeper outfits; 4 октября 1760&nbsp the football shirt;— 13 сентября 1831) — венгерский кардинал словацкого происхождения. Архиепископ Эстергома и примас Венгрии с 17 декабря 1819 года по 13 сентября 1831 года. Кардинал-священник с 2 октября 1826 года. Деятель словацкого национального возрождения. Вошёл в историю как архиепископ, восстановивший главную кафедру Венгрии в Эстергоме и инициировавший строительство Базилики Святого Адальберта.

Александр (Шандор) Руднаи родился 4 октября 1760 года в деревне Сент-Керест (венг. Szentkereszt), Королевство Венгрия (современная Поважаны, словацк. Považany в Словакии) в семье землевладельца.

Получил образование в гимназии в Нитре и в академии в Трнаве. Продолжил обучение в Университете Буды, где изучал философию и теологию. В 1784 году получил степень доктора по теологии в Пештском Университете. 12 октября 1783 года рукоположен в священники, был приходским священником в нескольких словацких населённых пунктах. В 1806 году стал ректором и профессором теологии в семинарии Эстергома.

8 марта 1816 года Руднаи назначен епископом Трансильвании, Эрделя, Зибенбюргена; современная епархия Альба-Юлии (Трансильвания, Румыния) how to tenderize meat without a mallet. Хиротония состоялась 21 апреля 1816 года. 17 декабря 1819 года Руднаи был избран папой на пост эстергомского архиепископа и примаса Венгрии, самый высокий пост в венгерской церковной иерархии.

Венгерский город Эстергом исторически с момента прихода венгров на Дунай был религиозным и духовным центром Венгрии. В Эстергоме короновался первый христианский король Венгрии Иштван Святой, здесь же им была возведена первая христианская церковь. В 1543 году во время турецкого нашествия Эстергом был захвачен, а кафедральный собор почти полностью разрушен. Эстергомские архиепископы вынуждены были перенести свою резиденцию в Трнаву (венг. Надьсомбат, Nagyszombat; совр. Словакия). Несмотря на то, что большая часть Венгрии была освобождена от турок ещё в конце XVII века после Битвы при Вене, кафедра примаса оставалась в Трнаве вплоть до 1820 года.

После своего назначения Руднаи с полного одобрения императора Франца II принял решение о переносе архиепископской кафедры назад в Эстергом. Руднаи стал инициатором строительства на месте разрушенного турками собора грандиозной базилики, которая должна была вернуть Эстергому статус религиозной столицы Венгрии. Первоначальный проект базилики создал архитектор Пал Кюнель, а строительные работы возглавил Янош Пакх. Первый камень будущего главного собора страны был заложен в 1822 году.

В 1826 году Руднаи стал кардиналом in pectore, то есть его избрание оставалось в тайне. 15 декабря 1828 года избрание Руднаи кардиналом было открыто.

Руднаи не дожил до окончания строительства своего главного детища, эстергомского собора. Он скончался 13 сентября 1831 года lint ball, а освящена Базилика Святого Адальберта была только в 1856 году. После возведения собора Руднаи был перезахоронен в его крипте.

За время своего нахождения на посту архиепископа Руднаи проявил себя как защитник словацкой культуры и церковной жизни, в частности он выступал за то, чтобы в словацкие приходы назначались священниками только этнические словаки. Поддерживал как своим авторитетом, так и финансово, словацкие культурные мероприятия. Ему принадлежит фраза «Я словак, и если бы я стал Папой, я остался бы словаком».

Missed in History: Unearthed in 2013 Part 1

September 30th, 2016

Taking a look at what history, archaeology and plain ol’ dumb luck has turned up over the last 12 months has become a Stuff You Missed in History Class tradition. Once again, this year we break the year’s discoveries into two parts

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. (And we don’t talk about Richard III or the cannibalism at Jamestown news – those got their own episodes earlier in the year.)
In this first part, we’ve got stuff from under car parks, stuff unearthed by Eurorail, reconstructed and rediscovered historical writing, and a few finds related to our favorite subject – food – along with some odds and ends.
Special shout-out to The History Blog, where I see a lot of this stuff first.
Our listener mail is from Kathryn, who writes about our Hessians episode.
For more knowledge: How Archaeology Works
Episode link: I’ve written this before that link exists to allow for some holiday vacation time. I’ll add it when I return! In the mean time, here’s our RSS feed, or you can find the episode iTunes or Stitcher.
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Karolín (Rájec-Jestřebí)

September 30th, 2016

Karolín (deutsch Karolin) ist ein Ortsteil von Rájec-Jestřebí in Tschechien. Er liegt zwei Kilometer östlich von Rájec-Jestřebí und gehört zum Okres Blansko hobart meat cuber.

Karolín befindet sich am westlichen Abfall des Drahaner Berglandes zur Boskowitzer Furche zwischen den Tälern der Bäche Chrábek und Petrovický potok. Nordöstlich erhebt sich die Spálená hora (529 m), im Osten die Kněží hora (585 m) und südöstlich der Podvrší (590 m). Gegen Osten liegt die mittelalterliche Wüstung Podolí, südöstlich die Wüstung Bezděčice.

Nachbarorte sind Holešín, Obora und Kuničky im Norden, Žďár im Nordosten, Petrovice und Vavřinec im Osten, Veselice, Malá Veselice, Nové Dvory und Obůrka im Südosten, Češkovice, Blansko und Horní Lhota im Süden, Ráječko und Spešov im Südwesten, Rájec im Westen sowie Hamr und Doubravice nad Svitavou im Nordwesten.

Die erste schriftliche Erwähnung der zur Herrschaft Raitz gehörigen Ansiedlung erfolgte im Jahre 1760. Das Dorf war kurz zuvor von Caroline von Roggendorf und Mollenburg auf den Fluren eines herrschaftlichen Hofes angelegt worden und ist nach seiner Gründerin benannt. 1763 erwarb Anton Josef Altgraf von Salm-Reifferscheidt die Herrschaft, zu diesem Zeitpunkt bestand Karolín aus 18 Häusern. Unter den Altgrafen Salm-Reifferscheidt-Raitz erfolgte ein wirtschaftlicher Aufschwung der Herrschaften Raitz und Blansko. Ein Teil der Bewohner verdiente sich in den herrschaftlichen Eisenhütten seinen Lebensunterhalt.

Nach der Aufhebung der Patrimonialherrschaften bildete Karolín ab 1850 eine Gemeinde in der Bezirkshauptmannschaft Boskovice. Im Jahre 1890 lebten in den 31 Häusern des Dorfes 226 Menschen. Mit Beginn des Jahres 1961 wurde Karolín dem Okres Blansko zugeordnet. Im Jahre 1980 erfolgte die Eingemeindung nach Rájec-Jestřebí. Am westlichen Ortsrand wurde 1984 ein kleiner Stauweiher angelegt, der heute zu Badezwecken genutzt wird. 1991 hatte der Ort 103 Einwohner. Im Jahre 2001 wurden in Karolín 49 Wohnhäuser und 89 Einwohner gezählt soccer player socks.

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7 Cowgirls Who Ruled the Frontier

September 30th, 2016

Calamity Jane – born Martha Jane Canary – was one tough cookie. The skills she developed out west eventually led her to several touring shows like Wild Bill Hickok’s Wild West Show

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. But she wasn’t just acting tough. On a journey from Missouri to Montana as a young woman, she learned to shoot and hunt alongside the men on the trip. After her parents died in the 1860s

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, Jane signed on as a scout in Wyoming and started dressing in uniform – and although a lot of the stories she told about herself were exaggerated, she did serve in several conflicts against Native Americans, even one involving Gen. George Custer. She worked as a rider for the Pony Express, carrying mail 50 miles between towns, and in the 1870s saved a stagecoach from an Indian attack.

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